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YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy

YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy

Version 5.0
YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy is your simple and fast solution for automated tagging and uploading of videos to YouTube in bulk. Save hours of time and effort!
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YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy allows you to easily automatically tag and upload 1000's of videos in bulk. The software provides powerful bulk editing options for managing: Tags, Categories, Descriptions, Titles (and more), while providing a simple to use interface for uploading and managing videos. The software is a complete content management system (CMS). Videos can be edited and managed at a later date, it's not just an uploader. Multiple YouTube channels/accounts are fully supported. Videos can be prepared offline, so there no need for an internet connection until you're ready to upload.
  • Supports ALL YouTube supported video file types. MP4, MOV, MKV, MPEG, 3GP, AVI and more
  • Allows bulk editing of: video titles, descriptions, tags, categories, privacy and more
  • Supports multiple YouTube accounts/channels
  • The Tag Manager allows you to pre-define a set of video tags to tag videos faster!
  • The Upload Queue allows to you prioritize your resumable video uploads
  • The Video Database allows you to edit and manage video information
  • Video Scheduling enables videos to go live on any date and time of your choosing
  • File Path Sync allows you to scan your hard drive for video files which have been moved or renamed
  • All features can be performed offline (Apart from uploading!)
  • YouTube video titles, descriptions and video tags are automatically created using the videos file name!
  • Import and Export all video data to and from the application using CSV files
  • Automated YouTube targeted keyword generation support
  • Wikipedia integration for generating insightful and unique video descriptions
  • Ability to copy video information between multiple channels
  • Power options harness the ability to automatically shutdown the computer when all uploads are complete
  • SPINTAX support ensures randomly generated video titles and descriptions
  • Lifetime License Key for up to 2 computers
  • 1 Full Year of Free Product Updates
  • Excellent Customer Support Service
  • All This for Only $24.95!
OS Requirements:
Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11+ (Also Server 2008 and higher)
Note: If using an Apple MAC or Linux, then it's possible to emulate YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy using additional software such as: VMWare, Boot Camp, Parallels, Wine etc


YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy allows you to easily automatically tag and upload 1000's of videos in bulk!

When video files are dropped onto the application, a video: Title, description and set of tags are automatically generated using the video's file name. If you name your video something descriptive, then say goodbye to time consuming video tagging and tiring video preparation.

The offline capability is truly unique. If you're on a train, bus, in the office or anywhere with no internet connection but you need to prepare your videos for upload, then this application is perfect for you. Simply drag and drop 100's of videos onto the software, edit them in bulk using powerful bulk edit options, then add them to the upload queue. Once you have access to an internet connection, hit upload!

All video uploads have resume support, so if you need to leave in a hurry, simply close the application while videos are uploading. The next time you option the application, all videos will resume where they left off. This is a great option for large video files. Resume support works on all videos, not just to last video which was uploading at the time.

The software is essentially a content management system (CMS). The CMS features are entirely optional. You can freely choose whether to manage videos at a later date with this software (After they have already eben uploaded). If so, then the software will physically tag each added video file by adding a small property to the physical file. If you rename any of your videos or move them around on your hard drive, simply run the File Path Sync tool and the software will re-locate these videos and link them with the application internally. Think of it as a very easy to use file management system, but for YouTube videos. The physical tag is a invisible to the user and it doesn't affect the video in any way.

Once a video has been added to the software, you can re-edit the video information at a later date using the Video Database tool. Simply locate your video and press edit. All edits to the video will be reflected locally and also on your uploaded video.

The software makes use of an internal database to store all video information. This is automatically managed and maintained by using the software.

The software supports video scheduling options. Video scheduling allows videos to go live on any date and time of your choosing. If your audience generally watches your content at 5pm each evening, then you can schedule these videos to go live at this time. This is a great SEO technique to provide content to your subscribes when they are typically online during peak hours.

Intelligent power saving options allow you to automatically shutdown the computer when all uploads are complete

The Import/Export Video Database utility allows for easy transfer of your videos to and from similar applications.

The in-built Automated YouTube Targeted Keyword Generation Tool allows you to research and use current trending targeted YouTube keywords as your video tags. This gives your video the best chance to be found and viewed. No more tag guessing and no more manual tag research.

SPINTAX integration allows users to generate and spin unique video titles and descriptions.

Wikipedia integration allows users to instantly generate insightful video descriptions from Wikipedia using one click of a button!

You can learn more about this software and other software titles by visiting our Official YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy Wiki


Version 5.0

  • NEWVideo scheduling. You can now schedule videos to go live on any date and time of your choosing
  • NEWAbility to automatically shutdown the computer when all videos have been uploaded to YouTube
  • NEWImproved automated keyword generation (Removes: Emojis, Prepositions and Pronouns)
  • NEWAdded an Internal Database Upgrade Tool for data migration
  • NEWImproved performance and added extra threads for multi-tasking
  • NEWMajor internal overhaul. Upgraded the software to the latest .NET 4.8 Framework
  • FIXPausing and resuming of videos has been improved with an option to manually pause and resume each upload
  • FIXImport/Export to CSV files now support emojis
  • FIXRemoved some restrictions on data validation for a smoother video editing experience

Version 4.1

  • NEWAdded auto-sharing to Facebook Timelines, Groups and Pages
  • NEWAdded auto-removal of prepositions and pronouns in the Keyword Finder utility
  • NEWImproved privacy by moving licensing to secured servers
  • FIXFixed minor issue with paging the Video Database
  • FIXMinor performance fixes

Version 4.0

  • NEWAutomated YouTube targeted keywords explorer tool
  • NEWAdded paging and filtering to the Video Database
  • NEWImproved uploading experience for slow internet connections
  • NEWImproved graphical icons and user experience
  • FIXFixed a few minor bugs

Version 3.2

  • NEWAdded in-app licensing upgrade options
  • NEWImproved video uploading performance
  • NEWImproved Video Database data sorting
  • FIXFixed minor graphical and textual bugs

Version 3.1

  • NEWAdded button to browse for videos in the Video Editor
  • NEWAdded right click menu features to the Video Editor
  • NEWUpdated graphics within the Video Editor Dropzone
  • NEWImproved instructions and help guides
  • NEWUpdated right click menus within the Video Editor and Video Database
  • NEWAdded data sorting within the Video Database
  • NEWUpdated File Path Sync interface
  • FIXThe [VIDEOTITLE] wildcard was no longer getting replaced in the description field
  • FIXWhen importing from CSV, a message appears warning that content management is disabled when it is actually enabled

Version 3.0

  • NEWAdded SPINTAX support for the video title AND description fields
  • NEWAdded Database File Sync utility.
  • NEWAdded Wikipedia integration to generate video descriptions from Wikipedia!
  • NEWImproved product licensing support
  • NEWAdded software update notices to the application
  • NEWAdded server maintenance messages to the application
  • NEWUpdated application icons to the Upload Queue
  • FIXWhen updating a video and syncing with YouTube, the wildcard tags were not replaced
  • FIXLag issue when no videos in the queue
  • FIXWildcard tag replacing could give more than the max 5000 for the video description



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We use PayPal as our payment gateway, however, a PayPal Account is not required to make a payment! Our PayPal secured payment gateway accepts Visa, Master Card, Discovery and more; without the need for creating a PayPal Account.

We also accept: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD Coin via Coinbase Commerce. Click the 'Buy with Crypto' button to pay with virtual currency. Any issues making payment? Send us an email!

Once payment has been received, please allow up to 12 hours for the delivery of the software, accompanied with valid license information. Typically, the software will arrive within the first hour and will be delivered to your email address specified during payment.

PayPal protects you from checkout to delivery and use the latest anti-fraud technology to help spot problems before they happen. We never reveal your financial info to sellers. And if something goes wrong with an order, we'll investigate. If your transaction qualifies for Purchase Protection, we'll reimburse you for the full purchase price plus any original shipping costs. More information regarding PayPal's payment policy can can found here:

At no point does the software ask for your password or personal information. We use OAuth which is a service provided by YouTube to securely log you into your account. Your credentials are authenticated with YouTube directly. Please view our full Privacy Policy.

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